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I write books that will only be relevant to the top 10% of the population.  By “top 10%”, I am not referring to net worth, or education level, or tax bracket, or IQ, or age, or professional position.   I view the entire population in terms of freedom level.  Freedom is knowing you can create your own life based on self-generated ideas, self-created beliefs, independent thoughts, and embracing unlimited choices.  The top 10% have decided to be the most free.  The bottom 10% have decided to be the least free.  People who choose to be fully free are the most successful in life because they are the wisest and the most at peace. Any person who evaluates success based on criteria other freedom, is automatically in the bottom half of the population.

In order to be in the top 10%, you must be a rampant independent thinker, questioning everything, and accepting nothing at face value.  You refuse to have beliefs and ideas implanted into your head by anyone other than yourself.  You trust your instincts and know, without a doubt, that you are wiser than anyone else when it comes to making decisions about how to craft your life.  You choose freedom on a daily basis by tuning out anyone and anything that attempts to feed the mass population their “truths”.   You see millions of choices and options where other people see very few. You create new choices when you don’t consciously see any that fit perfectly with your life.  Top 10%ers are constantly evaluating new information and are fully open to changing their opinions, making new choices and adopting new beliefs.

On the other hand, in order to be in the bottom 10%, you have selected a fancy leash, put it around your neck, and you continuously look around for someone who is willing to take the handle.  You encourage these “someones” to tell you what to think, what to believe, what’s of value in life, and you keep your eyes closed very tight so you don’t accidentally see the millions of other choices you could be making.  You don’t trust your instincts and you prefer to hand your power over to someone else so they can craft the sort of life they want you to be living.  You sleepwalk through life and usually feel a fair amount of angst and unrest.  You frequently repeat things you’ve heard from any mass media source, or person, as if they were true.  You’re careful to live your life according to the values of “everyone else”. Bottom 10%ers hold strongly to their current beliefs, opinions and choices even when they receive information that contradicts them – they’re too close-minded to do otherwise.

A person who is not in the top 10%, doesn’t recognize freedom as the only thing worth having, doesn’t actively seek to understand the millions of choices out there, and doesn’t have the courage to create his own unique life. This person is not fully alive.  The top 10%ers easily recognize these people and simply step over them or swat them out of their way.

While my books will only be relevant to people in the top 10%, they may certainly be useful to people below that rung, as they strive to open their minds, embrace their enormous freedoms, trust their instincts, acknowledge the millions of choices they have, and propel themselves into the top 10%.

Released January 29, 2019 – An updated release of Unvaccinated, Homeschooled, and TV-Free!

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“Rarely does a young parent have the courage to question mainstream culture and parenting. Julie Cook did just that. Questioning led to insight, wisdom, and a better path for herself and her daughter. I am confident my adult children will enjoy exploring the same path as they read this remarkable book.”

BRETT WILCOX, author, JABBED: How the Vaccine Industry, Medical Establishment and Government Stick It to You and Your Family, www.RunningTheCountry.com

For years, mainstream media has tried to marginalize the homeschooling, TV-free, and anti-vaccine movements. It hasn’t worked.  These lifestyle choices continue to gain momentum and are getting a big boost in support by the independent-minded millennials.

  • Homeschooling in the U.S. is growing by 3-8% per year, with homeschooled students outnumbering charter school students.
  • Highly educated parents have become the least likely to vaccinate.
  • Nearly half of all millennials never watch TV and 84% of them don’t trust traditional media sources or advertisers.

This book will show you why it’s imperative that you think for yourself and have the courage to believe that your decisions are right.