About Julie

2018, Julie and Genevieve in Dexter, MI

Julie Cook has worked in the global technology field for over 25 years, primarily in the Learning and Development arena.  In her spare time, she writes books and articles, and between publications,  she accepts new life-coaching clients.  Julie was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan.  She and her family are temporarily located in Chelsea, MI while building their new home in downtown Dexter, MI.


Favorite Authors: Emmet Fox, Ayn Rand, Neville Goddard, Mike Dooley, Eric Butterworth, Diane Chamberlain

Favorite Topics to Write About:  I write when something important needs to be said, and I can’t find anyone else saying it.  My life is very full and busy and I don’t seek out topics to write about.  But, if I become aware of a truth that isn’t being told, or a great need for information that isn’t out there, it gnaws at me until I fix it.

Why Life Coaching?  If I had the time, I’d accept life-coaching clients all day long.  Even though one of my degrees is a PhD in Psychology, I don’t have an interest in traditional therapy because it often focuses on the past. I greatly prefer life coaching because it focuses only on the present and the future. I can help take a person from where they are today, to where they want to be.  If a person can define a goal, there is always a set of steps (mental and physical) that can be identified and put in order, that will get a person from precisely where they are now, to where they want to be.

Hobbies: running, reading, researching, and spending time at our vacation home in Bellaire, MI (where I can really get some serious writing done!).

Favorite Herbs: I love liquid herb extracts (vs. capsule/pill).  My daytime favorites are Stinging Nettle, Turmeric, Spirulina, Horsetail, St. John’s Wort, Feverfew.  My evening favorites are Valerian Root, Ashwagandha, Magnolia Root, Lemon Balm, Passion Flower.  I also like Butterbur and White Willow Bark for pain and inflammation (instead of NSAIDs).

Work/Life Balance: Many years ago, I found it nearly impossible to write books, excel at my day job, work on advanced degrees, exercise, spend a lot of time with my family, and still possibly fit in some life coaching clients.  I focused way too much on the number of hours in a day and the amount of time each activity would take.  Then, I discovered that if I stopped focusing on the time related aspects of each day, and instead, focused on what I wanted to accomplish, I was able to do everything, plus more.  For linear thinkers, it’s difficult to give up managing your life based on time and hours.  But, that’s what’s needed.  Now, I’m not at all concerned with time.  I wake up and say to myself, “Today, I’m going to write 10 pages in my book, and run 5 miles, and do a great job at work, and finish chapter 6 in my degree program, and cook dinner, and walk to the library with my family, and read my fiction book”.   I also need 9-9.5 hours of sleep each night.  But, I don’t fret about how long these things will take.  If I examine it all too closely, I might discover that I only have time for 1/2 of my daily activities and that causes me to feel defeated.  Instead, I just stay laser focused on what I intend to accomplish with no thoughts about anything getting in the way.

Formal Education and Certifications

I greatly prefer the type of education that is acquired informally and organically.  Informal education has provided me with the most useful, and relevant information.  However, I’ve also been fortunate enough to work for a series of companies that paid for degrees, which has also been beneficial.

  • B.S. Business (Finance and Accounting Majors)
  • M.A. Instructional Design and Educational Technology
  • M.S. Business Administration
  • PhD in Psychology
  • Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy (complete November 2019)
  • Project Management Certification (PMP)
  • Scrum Master Certification (CSM)
  • Senior Professional of Human Resources Certification (SPHR)


June 2018, Julie and Jason in Charlevoix, MI, one of our favorite places to visit when we were up at our Bellaire, MI house.



August 2018, Jason and Genevieve, Ann Arbor, MI which is near Chelsea, MI. We are living in Chelsea for a few months while our downtown Dexter house is being built.


May 2018, Julie, Genevieve, Jason, parasailing in Traverse City, MI.


June 30, 2018, Julie, Rachel and Genevieve, the day of the wedding in Bellaire, MI.  It was 103 degrees that day (real feel), which is not normal for northern, MI.


June 30, 2018, Jason, Julie, Genevieve and Rachel right after the ceremony, at Lake Bellaire, MI.

Wedding Cake! Those are real rose petals dipped in sugar and are edible (thanks Ruthann’s bakery, Bellaire, MI!).


November 8, 2018 and our Bellaire house is ready for the ski season!  Our house is in the Schuss Mountain resort within Shanty Creek where the focus is winter activities (although we go up much more frequently in the summer).

Summer 2018 watching a movie out by the fire pit at the Bellaire house. We do a family book club where we all read the same book and then we go up north to watch the movie version of the book. We haul the TV out to the fire pit. Thankfully, the area isn’t all that populated so we don’t have neighbors close enough to be annoyed with us.


June 30, 2918, Bellaire, MI. We had a “backwards” wedding because I wanted the ceremony at sunset. So, appetizers then dinner in one set of outfits. Then, we changed for a sunset ceremony overlooking the lake, followed by cake/champagne. We had an outside dance floor, next to the pool. It was 103 degrees so many people enjoyed the pool after the ceremony but I danced to every song in my huge, dress 🙂