Goal Setting Strategies

I offer convenient, telephone-based coaching for people who have goals in mind but need a clear and specific path that will ensure they reach them. Here are some examples of clients who desire goal setting strategies:

“I’ve wanted to start my photography business for years.  I take lots of pictures and I know what I’m doing, but years have gone by and I’ve not made any progress……….”

“I make plenty of money and want to put a lot more in savings than I am.  Each month I make a plan but I never stick to it.  I’m afraid that I will lose my job before I get my act together and start putting some in savings…….”

“I have been working in a job that does not align with my values and interests.  I know what I want to do and I have the skills but I’m not sure how to go about getting the job that I want – that aligns with my values……”

Everyone has goals.  Some clients say they’ve had a particular goal for years but can’t seem to attain it and don’t know exactly why.  Other clients set goals and can tell me exactly how they got off-track.

Goals are tricky little things.  Many of our goals aren’t “ours” at all – they are society’s goals for us, or goals our neighbors have achieved, or goals our parents set for us.  We are so consumed with moving from one thing to the next in life, that we don’t often take time out to examine the goals we are striving for.  We don’t have regular checkpoints where we can either validate the goal or toss it aside.  We just keep moving……afraid to stop for whatever reason…..keep moving, moving, moving.

I work with clients to examine their goals.  We determine how their goals fit in with their values, their morals, their dreams and desires.  Many times, they don’t fit.  Sometimes they don’t fit at all but clients are convinced that they want them anyway and urge me to help them attain them.  Sometimes they don’t fit at all and clients are open to the possibility that they aren’t “their” goals at all and may not be relevant.

Through the course of coaching, some of my clients determine that they haven’t reached their goals because they never really wanted to – they discover that the goals aren’t in alignment with their true desires.  So, we work on setting new goals while being mindful of the process required to get there – always ensuring that the process is as enjoyable and worthwhile as the goal.

I work with clients on setting a process for getting to their goals, measuring their progress, and periodically validating that the process is worthwhile in and of itself.

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