Performance Improvement at Work

I offer convenient, telephone-based coaching for working professionals who would like to improve their performance at work.  Typical client goals include:

  • Improving performance after receiving a less-than desirable performance evaluation
  • Becoming a top performer in order to avoid being laid off, or to secure a promotion
  • Acquiring top notch organizational skills
  • Becoming proactive rather than reactive

Performance seems very subjective.  One person’s idea of good performance may not be another’s.  It all seems rather “hit or miss”.  In reality, it’s not “hit or miss” at all.  Top performers generally get good ratings regardless of their manager. They can move from manager to manager, still getting similar top reviews.  Top performers can even change careers and companies and still find their way to the top of the performance heap.

This is because skills, experience, and knowledge rarely differentiate a top performer from a mediocre performer or a low performer.  Skills, experience and knowledge may get a person hired, but they don’t often keep them employed.  It’s the “soft skills” that become the key differentiators.

Soft skills are behaviors like communication style, level of enthusiasm, etc.  These behaviors make the difference.  I work with clients to set performance goals and establish measurements of progress and success.  We work on the skills that are most likely to be the key differentiators.

For information about how coaching works, as well as pricing, please click here for Coaching FAQs.