“In seeking a life coach, my original intent was to find someone who could help me achieve my career aspirations.  However, along the way, we discovered that what I thought was a key goal of mine, was actually something that never would have made me happy.  In fact, it was standing in my way and prohibiting me from setting goals that were more in-line with my values.  I now have some serious soul-searching to do around what I know my true goals should be.  Thank you for your persistent questions!”

Carla L., Cleveland, OH


“Your ideas for becoming more organized were great! I’m working on applying what we discussed so that I can try and find some balance between my job and my home.  I know that if I become more organized, I’ll find time that I didn’t realize I had”

Melissa V., Boise, ID


“Thanks for the coaching session you held for our new mom’s group!  You gave us a lot to think about”.

Holly J., Clarkston, MI