Work/Life Balance

I offer convenient, telephone-based coaching for successful people who want to create an ideal balance between their work lives and personal lives.  Typical client goals include:

  • Disengaging from a highly demanding career
  • Allocating more time to family/spouse
  • Allocating more time to a side business/part-time venture
  • Making decisions around child-care to accommodate work
  • Negotiating household responsibilities
  • Determining how to better align work with values
  • Putting a plan in place to “opt out” of the workforce

When you’re off-course in your life, you know it instantly.  Knowing how to get your life headed in a new direction, a better direction, the right direction is tough. Even more difficult is cutting through what you think you want for your life, to arrive at what you really want .

Clients have come to me insisting that they work way too much, and they want me to help them find a way to work less so they can have more free time.  And, through the course of our sessions, we discover that the client feels happiest when he’s being recognized for his hard work and long hours.  And, we further discover that the client’s idea of happiness is feeling really productive and efficient at work.  With this information we then agree that the client equates the approval of others with his happiness and we set about either changing that for the client or validating it.

Many times client’s come forward with goals that really won’t get them what they want.  I work with clients to understand their goals, validate that their goals will/won’t get them what they ultimately want, and set about developing an action plan to get them from A to B.

For information about how coaching works, as well as pricing, please click here for Coaching FAQs.